Harrington Golf and Country Club

Harrington Golf and Country Club

Hole by Hole

Overview - Nine Holes, Par 36, 3215 yards

Harrington Golf & Country Club, is a Semi-Private, 9 hole golf course located in Harrington, Washington. The Harrington Golf & Country Club golf course first opened for play in 1962. The course was designed by Bpb Putman. This regulation length 9-hole golf course plays to a par-36 and a maximum 9-hole distance of 3,166 yards. The course rating is 37.3 and the slope rating is 126. The following "hole by hole" was written by club member Taylor Warwick.

Men: 3182-3215 yards
Women: 3005 yards

Hole #1/10 - Par 4

Start your round off with a friendly handshake on the 1st hole at Harrington. This dogleg left par 4 requires a tee shot that gets to the corner in order to see the green for the second shot. The bold play is to hit a high, swooping shot to the left that gets over/around the trees to leave around 100 yards to the green. Two greenside bunkers that project this green on either side should be avoided. The 1st green has a steep slope coming from the back to the front, so be cautious of going long on a front pin location. Going over the green brings double bogey into play.

White/Blue 330, Red/Yellow 312

Photo: Stacey Rasmussen/Farmers Daughter Photography

Hole #2/11 - Par 4

Hole 2 is the hardest par 4 on the course due to its length and characteristics. A slight dogleg to the left meets a rightward sloping fairway from 150 yards and in. Many approach shots end up with the ball on a sidehill lie. Go too far right off the tee, and good luck finding your ball among the range balls. The second shot is downhill towards a large, devilish green that is protected by two bunkers. Do yourself a favor and avoid the right bunker at all costs. The green has many slopes and hidden breaks but rewards a pure stroke of the blade.

White/Blue 402, Red/Yellow 379

Photo: Stacey Rasmussen/Farmers Daughter Photography

Hole #3/12 - Par 5

The 3rd hole is the first of two par 5s and is considerably easier than its counterpart. A long tee shot up over the first little hill should hug the left side of the fairway. Long ball hitters will have a shot at going for the green in two as the fairway slopes downhill from 180 yards in. Traditional play of the hole is easier along the left side the whole way to the green. Another set of greenside bunkers guard this green. The right spot on the green will leave an “easy” putt. Avoid going over the green unless you enjoy blind, uphill pitch shots.

White/Blue 484, Red/Yellow 466

Photo: Stacey Rasmussen/Farmers Daughter Photography

Hole #4/13 - Par 4

Hole 4 is a short par 4 that doglegs slightly to the right. A pair of fairway bunkers are on each side of the fairway and sit about 110 yards from the green. A long iron or 3 wood is the choice weapon to avoid any danger lurking between the tee to green. The second shot is best played from just short of the left fairway bunker as it takes the right greenside bunker out of play. DO NOT GO IN THE LEFT GREENSIDE BUNKER. You have been warned. This green can be tricky to putt so an uphill putt is best to any pin location.

White/Blue 335, Red/Yellow 317

Photo: Stacey Rasmussen/Farmers Daughter Photography

Hole #5/14 - Par 4

The 5th hole is the 3rd hardest hole on the course and is a straight away par 4. Beware as out-of-bounds is now along the left side of the rest of the course. A long enough tee shot will get you over the crest of the hill and leave you with a side hill second shot. From 150 yards and in the fairway slopes downhill and slightly left. The green has another pair of bunkers guarding it. Going long or left of the green will give you heartburn. Slopes abound on this green with added caution needed for a back right pin placement.

White/Blue 392, Red/Yellow 374

Photo: Stacey Rasmussen/Farmers Daughter Photography

Hole #6/15 - Par 5

Hole 6 is a long uphill par 5 and is the hardest hole on the course. Short ball strikers will want to work up the left side of the fairway to take OB out of the equation once the hill is crested. Longer hitters can hug the right side to take a little out of the subtle dogleg. The approach shot can be difficult to judge with typical winds coming into the face. A duet of bunkers guard this green on each side with a grass patch in front to protect from any long ball hitters trying to run up onto the green. Stay below the hole to keep your knees from knocking on the ensuing putt.

White/Blue 549, Red/Yellow 532

Photo: LaMarr Larmer

Hole #7/16 - Par 3

The 7th is the signature hole at HGCC. A short par 3 down the hill gives you the first look at the pin while teeing off. One greenside bunker is on the left side. Just short of the green is the main water feature. Leaving a tee shot out to the right will put you in an old, dried-up pond. Uphill putts are easier than downhill putts on this green. Going long brings an easy bogey/double bogey into play. And please, REPAIR YOUR BALL MARKS.

White/Blue 145, Red/Yellow 124

Photo: Stacey Rasmussen/Farmers Daughter Photography

Hole #8/17 - Par 4

Number 8 is going to play from the Southwest to the Northeast if you were looking at a map. This par 4 will have you thinking about your strategy.. Do you let it rip and play the fade? Or do you hit it straight into the corner of this slight dog leg, and leave shot number 2 to your six or seven iron? Either way this par four will make you work to get there in two. Hit it true and you'll get it. )

White/Blue 385, Red/Yellow 360

Photo: Stacey Rasmussen/Farmers Daughter Photography

Hole #9/18 - Par 3

The 9th hole is the 2nd par 3 on the course and is mostly straight uphill so it requires some extra club. The WAY BACK tees measure out to 189+ yards. An old pond is just a few yards off the tee and makes for finding a ball hard. One greenside bunker sits off to the left. The second water feature on the course is up to the right of the green. The green can have some tricky breaks in it. Going long is the only time you will not be faced with a blind, uphill pitch shot.

White/Blue 144, Red/Yellow 119

Photo: Stacey Rasmussen/Farmers Daughter Photography

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